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OfficeServ Operator  
OfficeServ Operator
Telecommunication software interoperating OfficeServ system
Features Specifications

OfficeServ Operator is fully integrated with your voice and data infrastructure to maximize the responsiveness of a customer’s first point of contact with your organization. With the convenient keyboard operation, and with the simplicity of configuration utilizing system information, external or internal incoming calls can be more effectively managed to their final destination using variety of features including. :

  • Busy Lamp Field Indication
  • Separated Views for incoming, holding, active calls
  • Call Manipulation by Drag & Drop
  • DID based Service, Block/Urgent CIDs - Contact Information.
System     OfficeServ 7200, 7400, 500
PC O/S    
Windows NT Server W/S 4.0
Windows 2000 series (Professional, Server, Advanced ,Server)
Windows XP Professional
CPU     Min. Pentium III 500 MHz
Memory     Min. 256MByte
    More than TAPI Ver 2.0, OfficeServ Link
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